Lone Survivor and Noitu Love 2: Devolution get released on Steam

Two new games this week just got launched on Steam. Lone Survivor and Noitu Love 2: Devolution each receive a respected 20% off discount on Steam dropping their price $9.99 to $7.99 on LS and $4.99 to $3.99 on NL2 until April 30th. Jasper Byrne’s Lone Survivor is an interesting survival horror game that has you take control of the protagonist who’s trying to escape from his diseased city. The game contains freaky monsters normally found in this type of game. Also the 8-bit game really sets the tone with its psychological and behavioral aspects of the protagonist. Your character is trying to survive and may need food and can’t find some; well you could pop a pill you might have lying around in your inventory, but beware in a world with unusual deformed monsters, you might just see a lot more than you wished for being drugged as well in a creepy city. Check out Lone Survivor on Steam before the discount ends. In addition, the Steam version has a new update released for the game that added some stuff and tweak with the game. The update is titled “CODENAME RED” and here are the details of the update.

  • Allows ESC to quit from the title screen or game over screen
  • Hunger increases 10% slower
  • Stealth movement 10% faster
  • Thinman patrol pause shortened
  • Red ending ‘officially’ added (although will be extended in LS:YELLOW later in the year)
  • Red ending requirements changed
  • Blue / red path ranks made more difficult
  • A few more contributing factors added
  • A new logo and icon
  • Tweaked art in the basement / ground floor to remove pure black pixels
  • Removed glitchy pixels from the side of the ammo store
  • Tin of pickles now has a description
  • Elevator upstairs gives message if powered
  • Save game is cleaned up: all traces of the old system removed
  • Save game no longer creates a Flash Shared Object except for volume settings
  • Numerous typos corrected
  • ??? won’t trade unless you’ve met him
  • ???’s name only appears once you’ve met him
  • Map hints disabled if not carrying the correct map
  • Some small, secret mechanic changes, mostly fixes
  • Some re-balancing to mental health-dependent descriptions
  • Can opener room door made a tiny bit clearer
  • The cat works


  • Mac black screen issue no longer an issue
  • Panic attacks disabled in the boss sequence (which could rarely cause a corrupted save)
  • Fixed bug where it was possible to re-trigger the elevator sequence
  • Fixed bug with text boxes not reverting to interactive mode on game completion
  • Fundamental engine changes in cutscene / dialogue handling:
  • All world and object descriptions now have the player non-interactive
  • Last-resort freeze check & correct for scripts that don’t return control
  • Tweaks to the way sprites allow player interaction when simulating hotspots (solves the freezes related to positioning)
  • Cat / doll / stove / Gamejoy / bucket / hospital door freezes fixed by the above methods
  • Rare slowdown issue fixed (related to AIR system chrome setting, now disabled)

Lone Survivor Trailer

Now onto Joakim Sandberg’s (from Konjak) Noitu Love 2: Devolution. Like Lone Survivor, Noitu Love 2 was released the same day with a discount on Steam. The game was originally released four years ago and is just making a slightly more mainstream appearance on Valve’s ever so popular program Steam. This game unlike Lone Survivor has no tweaks or anything; it literally is the original re-release where you take control of Xoda Rap in order to save the world. The quick hack and slash game is packed with bolstering music to match what looks like chaotic shooting and dashing around. Check it out more on Steam or from the developer. If you’re not sure, check out the original Noitu Love here where you may download it and play for free.

Noitu Love 2: Devolution Trailer


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