Bioware trying their best to keep SWTOR players logging in

As usual the main talks of Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic has been whether or not it has enough content to keep players logging in and coming back. Not only that, but also if the game has sufficient replay value as well. Their update of the Rakghoul plague event drummed up business and surprised players, but will they be able to keep up events that hook their subscribers?

Daniel Erickson of Bioware stated that as a fully-voiced MMO they have development teams creating scenarios and events far in advanced. If they need something or change course for a particular update, then they’ll prioritize their tasks. As such the developer has focused on convenience features like a group finder as well as Legacy update’s Guild Bank system. They are even trying to implement a new idea into their guild system.

“In our own guilds, the PC Gamer Mint Imperials and PCG Revel Alliance, the cap on membership has made overflow guilds a necessity. Mint Imperials member Bocephus suggested that in the future it might be possible to add a players legacy – all of their characters from a given faction – to a guild, occupying a single slot. Erickson was taken with the idea. ‘We’d actually never thought of this’ he says, ‘but it’s now on the list!'” (PC Gamer)

Ideas like this will keep the game looking and feeling neat, but hopefully despite the Rakghoul plague event ending tomorrow, Bioware can keep players logging in now and in the future and more importantly during their peak hours with excellent replayable and new content. Erickson details his opinion on the recent Rakghoul plague event and what it brought to Star Wars: “’Events are, by their very nature, transient things that build a sense of history within the game’ Erickson explains. ‘Later you’ll pull out your red rakling pet and say, ‘remember when the rakghoul plague hit'” (PC Gamer).


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  1. mqallen
    May 07, 2012 @ 13:10:15

    I left just before the Rhakghoul plague hit; sounds like it would have been an interesting event. But I think SWTOR’s problems are more fundamental than that (which I’ve shared on my own blog :). New content will help but they need a lot of new content from less linear leveling to better looking gear to more variety in the setting and foes. Some of that will be quite hampered by the voice over which makes it very expensive to go non-linear, for example.

    Thanks for the post.


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