On the launch of Botanicula, Humble Bundle and Amanita Design team up to create the Humble Botanicula Debut

That’s right! Humble Bundle and Amanita Design created a bundle with their newest debuting game and two award-winning games from a couple years back. Yes, Humble Bundle indeed made a spectacular bundle with what, yeah that’s right, a newly released game. The bundle features Botanicula, of course, and Amanita Design’s Machinarium and Samorost 2 (you may play Samorost 1 on the developer’s site). In addition, if you pay more than around $8.75 at the moment, you’ll also receive Biograf‘s Kooky, a full-length feature film with art direction by Amanita Design’s own founder Jakub Dvorský, and Windosill, another point and click game by Vectorpark.

I am completely thrilled about this bundle. I absolutely love Amanita Design’s games and thoroughly recommend them. I even found out about this bundle while I was on the train and instantly paid $10 to receive my Humble Bundle link; however I’m totally sure I’ll dedicate more money to this wonderful project. I was on the edge about pre-ordering Botanicula, since I have already dedicated a chunk of money to other games releasing within the next month. Although to those who did spend $8.99 on GOG and Gamersgate to pre-purchase the game, Amanita Design thoroughly apologized on the timing and has gracefully included bonuses with your purchase of Botanicula.

“‘There was definitely no intention to rob anyone or anything like that,’ explains Dvorský, apologetic about the response. Everyone who pre-ordered on GOG.com and GamersGate, he tells us, will receive the full soundtrack, art book and Machinarium tomorrow, ‘as an apology'” (Rock, Paper Shotgun). Also those who pre-ordered from GOG will additionally receive a free copy of their critically acclaimed game and first game of the their recently re-launched game, The Witcher: Enhanced Director’s Cut Edition.

Also even with the mix up, GOG graciously donated $300 to Humble Botanicula Debut.

The charity associated with this bundle is the fitting World Land Trust, in honor of the debut of Botanicula and Amanita Design’s devotion of natural worlds in their game. The World Land Trust is an organization that helps to protect rainforests and other wildlife habitats worldwide.

I hope most people pay at least $10 for this wonderful bundle. You’re receiving four extremely, gorgeously designed games plus a film and soundtracks (that is if you pay more than the average) in this bundle that most certainly deserves more than a scumbag move of just paying one cent. As always the bundle is cross-platform and DRM-free so you’ll be able to play on Windows, Mac, and Linux. In addition, if you pay more than $5, you’ll receive redeemable Steam keys; however if you low-ball below that, then you’ll just be receiving Botanicula, Machinarium, and Samorost 2 with their respective soundtracks. Check out this impressive bundle here and Humble Botanicula Debut’s trailer is below along with the trailer for Kooky. In addition, I’ve gone ahead and linked their Steam page as well.

Botanicula (redeemable on Steam, though can’t connect to a Steam page yet) UPDATE: Steam page just released here.

Samorost 2



Humble Botanicula Debut Trailer

Kooky Trailer (English)


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