Brink has sold “more than 2.5 million worldwide”

Seriously, how did this game sell that many copies?! I really thought the Bethesda game was crap honestly. I played a few hours of it when it was free to play one weekend on Steam. It was beyond confusing. You were practically just thrown in quests, which were really just a scurry of following your teammates around the level and shooting crap. I never understood what were the objectives. I just left those people who perhaps knew what they were doing take care of them while I scampered off and killed other players who were trying this game on its free to play weekend. “With Splash Damage, we finished Brink, and it’s estimated to have sold more than 2.5 million units worldwide, which at retail would mean that it’s generated around $120-140 million in revenue,” Studio CEO Paul Wedgewood explained in an article by Gamasutra. He even mentioned Splash Damage teamed up with WarChest, a British publisher, in order to pursue the development of more free to play games. Well good for them, I guess, for selling that many copies of a pretty incomplete and broken game.

The developers, Splash Damage, are in the process of developing a free-to-play iOS game for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch titled Rad Soldiers. the game is set in London and is a turn-based tactical game with animations that reminds me of Team Fortress. The trailer is actually pretty comical. However I think with most people, they’ll really need confirmation of how good this game might be before they buy it, if they pre-order or even order Brink which was a rather letdown (great idea with the parkour, but really needed more development). Check out more details in this Eurogamer article. In addition to Rad Soldiers, Splash Damage is pushing out their AAA PC only exclusive game which will eventually be ported to consoles too. Hmm I wonder what it’ll be.

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