Earn a free Indie game when you play Waveform

Eden Industries is offering a pretty neat promotion. When you play their game Waveform you have the chance to win Atom Zombie Smasher, if you receive the high score for this week’s level. A huge reason this is happening is because Eden Industries just released a brand new feature for their game, the Weekly Leaderboard Challenge. From now until April 22nd 11.59 PST, the first Weekly Leaderboard Challenge is in effect. The challenge uses the pre-existing Deep Space Mode for the Sun for this week. In addition, the challenge is available to everyone who owns the game, so beginner and experienced players may partake in this promotion (however it might help if as a beginner you play through the game before trying out the challenge to hone your skills). If you finish in the top 5, then you’ll receive a free Steam copy of Atom Zombie Smasher. Not only is this promotion an excellent way to promote Waveform, but also it gives the ability to promote some other awesome Indie games while it’s at it too. If you’re tempted to score a free game or you just want to play the game, check out the Waveform on Steam here.

Waveform trailer


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