Sox pitchers apparently take the longest amount of time to pitch

There are a list of sites I check daily, one of which is Fenway West that is of course, a Red Sox blog. I read his article and found it interesting. Hope you do too. Check out Fenway West, if you happen to be a RS fan or MLB fan.

Games Too Long? Blame Sox Pitchers – Written by Matt O’Donnell

“We all know about the typical marathon four hour games versus the Yankees and Beckett taking his sweet time between pitches.  The problem is not just limited to Beckett according to a new study by FanGraphs:

You know who the slowest working starting pitchers in baseball have been since 2007? Josh Beckett (25.6 seconds between pitches), Daisuke Matsuzaka (25.4), and Clay Buchholz (25.2). They are the only three starters in the sport to take more than 25 seconds between pitches, and they all pitch for the Red Sox. Even shifting to relievers, where there’s more annual turnover and where we can see a broader selection of pitchers, we find the Red Sox as the most deliberate group in baseball, and it’s not even close. Since 2007, their relievers have taken an average of 25.7 seconds between pitches (relievers work slower in general, so the numbers are higher here), a full 1.6 seconds slower than the next slowest bullpen.

With two new pitchers in the rotation, a revamped bullpen, and a new pitching coach the Red Sox will hopefully speed things up this season.”


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