Indie Buskers bundle now live

Indie Buskers bundle is now available to purchase with a pay-what-you-want mentality. If you haven’t heard of them before they launched their bundle, they are a group of six game developers who teamed up and made a bundle from polled ideas. Weeks ago their site was a lot more barren and less eccentric looking. Then they requested you submit ideas you’d like them them to form a video game around. They narrowed all the input to five a piece for each developer and conducted a poll for the public to decide which ideas they would like each developer to create into a game to be placed into their Indie Buskers bundle. In addition to all this, they only had 48 hours to create their bundle of games.

Below are the developers’ games and their descriptions. If something sparks your interest, drop them a couple dollars or more here.

Ido Yehieli – Pakkuman’s Defense: a “Pacman with tower defense elements, played in a huge world.” The mash-up works pretty well, though I wouldn’t mind seeing a clever implementation of the power pellet, post-release.

Sophie Houlden – Rose and Time: a “[t]ime travel stealth game where you are avoiding copies of yourself from the past/future.”

Rat King – The Sun Is Deadly!: a “game where you control objects to block sunlight to create a path of darkness – so that a vampire can get to their intended victim.”

Sos Sosowski – Super Office Stress: a “[r]oguelike set in an office building. It’s your first day at work and you have to climb to the top to become the CEO.”

Pekka Kujansuu – Pirate Space Program: “a game about a pirate trying to be an astronaut.”


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