Indie Underdog bundle reduces their price for their last two days

For their last 48 hours, 8-Bit Funding has reduced their Indie Underdog bundle from $5 to $1 in order to drum up more last minute funding.

That’s just $1 for 6 games now. The bundle features the following games:

I played a little bit of Caveman Craig: SE and Potion Master which were both entertaining. But what really struck me most about the bundle is the phone call I received. When I was at work last week, I looked at my phone to see unknown number flash on the screen. I answered and I was connected to man’s voice who politely asked if I was enjoying the games I received from the IUP bundle and if my payment and game transaction went smoothly, which it did. I thought the personal touch from 8-Bit Funding was really nice. I’m glad they are concerned about their customers. So if you weren’t thinking about dropping $5 for the 6 games, it’s down to $1 now. I can buy an iced tea for 99 cents at Dunkin’ Donuts now, but it won’t last me as long as the IUP bundle. Check the trailer below for a preview to the bundle.


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