GOG believes Steam is hurting gamers’ decisions

Good Old Games also known as GOG is a rising competitor to the biggest digital distributor with over 35 million active users. GOG believes Steam is sending the wrong message to gamers.

“Managing director Guillaume Rambourg and marketing boss Trevor Longino told Rock, Paper Shotgun that Steam discounts can devalue the games included in them” (Eurogamer).

As much as I love getting games at a discount price, I agree with GOG. I have often found myself saying, “I’ll just wait until the next big Steam sale”. I admit my video game library is rather extensive and I haven’t even made a dent into more than half of them. It always becomes a matter of “Oh, it’s really cheap. I’ll just buy it and I’ll play it eventually.” Though the last game I paid in full was not too long ago, in fact some people may think it’s outrageous I even bothered to wait, let alone pay for the Animus Collector’s Edition for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Revelations. I have even already pre-purchased my copy of Borderlands 2 from Amazon and awaiting on the release of my Diablo III: Collector’s Edition. But in truth besides collector’s editions and games that I will truly go out of my way for, I find myself often downloading games from Steam or even other downloadable sites with extreme discounts.

“Heavy discounts are bad for gamers, too,” he [Rambourg] said. “If a gamer buys a game he or she doesn’t want just because it’s on sale, they’re being trained to make bad purchases, and they’re also learning that games aren’t valuable. We all know gamers who spend more every month on games than they want to, just because there were too many games that were discounted too deeply. That’s not good for anyone” (Eurogamer).


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