Subsoap creates Infinity Bundle, a chance to own all their games to date and even those in development

Subsoap has released a bundle titled Infinity Bundle that highlights their games: Faerie Solitaire, Faerie Alchemy, Faerie Solitaire 2, FaeSaga, and two mystery games. This bundle allows you to choose between three different payment prices: $27, $47, and $97. Each gives the same items; however, paying $100 will allow you to choose a charity of Subsoap’s choice to donate your money to and you’ll receive another bundle key for no extra cost. In addition to wonderful DRM-free games, Steam keys, several language choices, and multi-platform capabilities (Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, HTML, any other platform they’ll release on), Subsoap has even offered a 90 day refund policy if you happen to be a dissatisfied customer! If the bundle happens to tickle your fancy, check out the website, drop some money for charity, and game on. Oh and if you can’t decide, you can download Faerie Solitaire for free from their site and try it out. Also you have until April 30th to decide to get your Infinity Bundle.


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