Under The Ocean still in development

If you’re looking for a new game to get excited about, check out Under The Ocean. It’s currently in development, but that’s no reason to disregard it. Two guys, Mike Reitzenstein and Paul Greasley, originally made Under The Garden and Under The Ocean is their new and improved sequel. Under The Ocean like its prequel is an exploration game that requires you to use the resources you find/create in order to survive. However, a big change is 3D from its former 2D counterpart. In addition, according to Paul, Under The Ocean is going to have more of an “emphasis on survival (ocean setting, tropical islands, underwater cave networks, etc), a decision to scrap the less popular elements of the game (farming comes to mind) and focus on stuff that could have been done better if the time was there [hunting, food and water, building/crafting]”. Also head over to their site to watch videos of their game (currently, it’s about construction and survival) and their live development stream TV.

If you pre-purchase any of the copies’ editions, you’ll receive the ability to play private alpha builds in just two weeks. There’s the Pretty Cool Silver Bear Edition that gives you Under The Ocean for half the price and access to the alpha and beta builds for only $5. There’s also Super Golden Bear Edition which gives you all of the perks from the $5 pre-purchase, plus your name in the credits, a personal card from the two developers as well as a limited edition copy of the game’s soundtrack by Chris Geehan for $25. There’s also the free Annoying Cockroach Edition! “Download the game from The Pirate Bay when it comes out. Let’s face it – not much we can do to stop you is there? Plus you can survive nuclear winter!” Oh my, A developer advocating piracy of his own game?! How blasphemous. Obviously besides the game looking so intriguing, this does make me want to purchase this game. Promoting piracy of Under The Ocean, in fact actually increased sales of his game, Paul says.

If you can’t wait for Under The Ocean, check out the IndieFort Bundle over at Gamersgate which includes so far one game, Black Market, developed by Paul Greasley and later Rambros, if this bonus unlocks. When you give minimum of $5.99 or more if you’re feeling generous, it includes Kenshi (Alpha), Cardinal Quest, Black Market, Wanderlust: Rebirth, Devil Whiskey, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, and any unlocked bonuses. Any money given past the minimum is given straight to the developers themselves!


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