2K Games release date on Civilization V: Gods and Kings

On June 19, 2012, the much anticipated expansion, Gods & Kings, for Civilization V is coming to North America. A few days later on June 22, 2012, it will also release internationally. The expansion will include new technologies, religions, leaders, and units. There will be 27 new units, 14 new buildings, and 9 new civilizations which includes the Celts, Byzantines, and Carthaginians to name a few. Along with these new additions, there will be a newly build religion system. Players will rather faith as the new resource much like they do for culture and science. Players have the ability to create their own religion or choose from 11 popular real-world religions. Players will be able to spread their influence of their chosen religion and values across other civilizations that will ultimately play a diplomatic role in allegiances within the game. Along with the new religion system integrated by the expansion, Firaxis changed the battle system to be more engaging. As a result, they upped the hit points on units in order to draw out battles; therefore if a player is caught off-guard by an ambush, they have the possibility to call in reinforcements to help against the threat. Another big improvement Firaxis incorporated is the split between the naval units, allowing for both melee and range sea units, which allows for more strategical ideas.


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